An advanced project time management app
It allows companies to manage projects which are under active development, keep a record of employees working hours and always have clear up-to-date information, to sum up activities for billing customers for time spent on development.

Details of the application

As our company grew, we faced the need to improve accountability for timekeeping. Existing software products did not suit us for one reason or another (incomplete functional, unnecessary features), therefore, it was decided to develop the necessary tool for use within the company, taking into account all existing needs and nuances: the need of project time reporting, the formation of time sheets, the management of time spent on development within certain time intervals, self-control timer, connect App Domain with already existing users for swift and calm authorization in system. The main goal we pursued while working on the CREW system was the ability to quickly gather information about the time spent on product development and provide it to the client quickly and in a visual format.

ONLINICO experts created a web application for project time management. In the process of working on the app, additional functions were added to the originally planned functionality. Also, mobile iOS / Android applications were developed.

Features of the application

Basic features:
  • Manage projects profiles: create development team from employment pool, manage project categories for reporting, setting reporting period dates
  • View of employees accounts and their activities, setting admin rights for user account if required
  • Self-service function that allows employees to track and edit their own activities for each project they assigned to
  • Project time reporting: actual projects info and daily time reports in plain sight
  • Export reports to excel
Admin features:
  • Invite users to join your company or give them access through LDAP integration
  • Set project profiles details, such as work areas, project manager, currency, and more
  • Assemble a team with required technical skills
  • Monitor projects for the completion and get summaries by date range
  • Grant stakeholders access to keep them aware of project progress
  • Analyze previous similar tasks for better planning
Team members features:
  • Manage team, set specializations and rates
  • Monitor progress, review reporting using convenient filters
  • Share reports to keep clients updated
  • Report activities, view time spent on projects
  • Organize work with task lists and timers
Stack of technologies:
  • Web APIs and Web UI using Microsoft ASP.NET Core MVC
  • Entity Framework Core
  • OpenIddict
  • MS SQL Server 2014
  • Bootstrap 3, JQuery, HTML5
  • Android SDK, Retrofit 2, Okhttp 3, Gson, Realm, Stetho, EventBus 3, Joda-Time, CircleImageView
  • LDAP

Project screenshots examples

Please take a look at the simple and user-friendly interface of the application.

Сrew is a handy tool for monitoring the development process of your project. It provides an easy way to track tasks and the time spent on implementation. With this app, it's easy to understand the costs of development work.

Aleksandr Tischenko

Founder & VP Development of Lamantine Software a.s.

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