AI-powered Real-Time Sales Intelligence and Discovery for Maximum Customer Engagement
With In-Depth, users and enterprises can automatically and seamlessly tap into a wealth of contextual knowledge. This innovative solution breaks the barriers to knowledge discovery, increases productivity, and provides a rich, engaging, and transformative user experience.

Development of a powerful AI-powered software as a service (SaaS) for marketing and sales

In-Depth SalesIntel provides real-time AI-powered Sales Insights and contextual knowledge from the public and private data sources to give you an edge over your competitors in proactively reaching out to the customer and convert the lead into the opportunity.

Task information
Onlinico received the application from the client after the first development cycle. The goals included: improve app stability, add new social media driven features to provide insights into companies and key personnel, add new end-user settings and customizations, add social login into application, update the web application with the same same features as the mobile app, and add a cross-platform application subscription feature for both web and mobile.
Details of implemented solution
Onlinico developed and designed a web app and an iOS app with cloud and Salesforce integrations. One of the solutions in In-Depth SalesIntel is the implementation of one cross-platform system of subscription that allows a user to buy subscription one time and use all features for both platforms regardless whether the client is running from the iPhone or via the web.

The iOS app was rewritten using Swift 3.4 and based on proven frameworks: Alamofire, Kingfisher, Charts, SalesforceSDK, PurchaseKit. The application included social networks integrations and in-app purchases. The web app was built on a modern, powerful web stack: React, Redux, and CSS-in-JS(styled-components) were used to build this Progressive Web App (PWA).

TCurrently, the platform is integrated with Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Dropbox, and Box.

Project screenshots examples

Please take a look at the simple and user-friendly interface of the application.

Onlinico team conducted themselves in an honest and professional way throughout development.

Shauki Elassaad

Founder & CEO at In-Depth, Inc.

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