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The main goals of Life4me+ is to help prevent new cases of HIV, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, and other STIs. To achieve these goals Onlinico has developed a responsive website, web apps, and mobile applications for iOS and Android.
Life4me+ was developed as a convenient platform for direct contact between patients and their physicians. All app users are anonymous, and confidentiality of contacts with doctors and social workers is strictly protected.

Development of a complex medical solution for healthcare project

We have developed an effective web and mobile solutions based on modern information technologies for doctors and their patients which were highly ranked and achieved overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

IOS application development
The iOS app for Life4me+ is designed for users who wish to monitor their health. Using the app, you can contact your doctor, receive appointments, prescriptions and test results, an invitation to see a doctor or take tests, and much more. To develop the iOS application, Onlinico used technologies including: RESTKit, SQLite, SQL-Cipher, FMDB, GoogleMaps SDK, Charts 3.0, and others.
Android application development
The Life4me+ Android application developed by Onlinico has the same functions as the iOS application, including the ability to enter test results in the application yourself so that they are always on hand. The GPS navigator helps you find a nearby hospital, clinic, and HIV support communities throughout the world. Development of the Android app used multiple technologies, including: Retrofit2, SQLite, EventBus3, Crashlytics, Maps Android API, MPAndroidChart, SQLCipher, and more.
Development of a responsive website
Onlinico developed a responsive website with many useful sections including News, Blog, and Information. The website was developed using HTML5, Sass, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Mustache, moment.js, Typeahead, Zabuto Calendar, jquery.Fullpage, and others.
The Life4me+ web app for patients helps them to monitor their health using the same functions as mobile iOS and Android applications. The desktop web app for doctors was developed by Onlinico to give them access to patient information, statistics on health indicators, and other information which helps to better monitor patients' health. The following technologies were used to develop the applications: bootstrap.css, jquery.js, moment.js, bootstrap-datetimepicker, lodash, mustache, and others.
As a part of the Life4me+ project, Onlinico developed a microsite for the information and education campaign "U=U" ("Undetectable equals untransmittable", #UequalsU, #НравноН), organized by the Life4me+ team in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia regions, aimed at disseminating information that an HIV-positive person with an undetectable viral load, receiving antiretroviral therapy, cannot transmit the virus to another person sexually. During the development of the website, these technologies were used: WordPress, PHP, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, mySQL, and nginx.
Onlinico’s design department developed the design of the websites and assisted the design of the applications for Life4me+. We made a simple, responsive, friendly, comfortable and beautiful design for our client. Designers provided support for all Life4me+ projects throughout the entire development cycle. Our team also designed promotional and printed materials that really pleased the client and worked fine with the end users. For the design development the following tools were used: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Zeplin, and other tools for analysis and research.

Project screenshots examples

Please take a look at the simple and user-friendly interface of the application.

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