The best client capture form
for Redtail CRM
Send your clients a comprehensive online form to instantly add or update their record in Redtail CRM.
Onlinico developed a web application to optimize the collection of client data to keep their CRM updated.

Development of convenient b2b application for financial advisers and their clients

We developed a web application that provides an easy way to collect and update client data using a modern web interface that store collected data into Redtail CRM. Onlinico developed this b2b web app that has been widely adopted in the fields of finance and other commercial markets and was greeted with great interest by Redtail's users.

Сomponents of the solution
Our development team developed two websites: one for financial advisors and one for their clients. The Financial Advisor Site lets administrators configure which data should be collected from clients. The Client Site provides the advisor’s clients easy and convenient forms to help keep their information updated.
Application Details
Many financial advisors use Redtail CRM to manage their customer data. RedCapture captures the customers’ profile via web forms and integrates with the Redtail API to create a new customer record in the CRM. Financial advisors are able to sign up for the monthly service at and add a credit card for payment. RedCapture charges monthly per advisor, allows to add its own logo and add advisors which each with their own advisor-specific link to send to their new customers to fill out the forms. Currently, the system is integrated with Redtail CRM.

Among the main features of this web application are the following: custom authentication based on Redtail authentication for advisors, custom authentication for clients using SMS, dynamic client forms which can be configured on the advisor site.

The following technologies were used to develop the applications: .Net Core 2.0, OpenIddict, PostgreSQL

Project screenshots examples

Please take a look at the simple and user-friendly interface of the application.

My project became realistic only because of ONLINICO. The team is very professional and do its job in time. The continually support of ONLINICO helps to do your project perfect.

Tim Baldwin


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